Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More on Barr's supporters

Digging deeper into our poll from Monday:

-Supporters of Bob Barr go for Elizabeth Dole 51-34 in the Senate race, and for Pat McCrory 45-22 in the Gubernatorial race, with Michael Munger right behind Bev Perdue at 21%. That's just more confirmation that even if the poll made it look like Barr was pulling equally from self identified Democrats and Republicans, the voters he's earning support from are Republican leaning voters even if that's not what they call themselves.

-The Libertarians may be the male party. 63% of respondents who support Munger are men, compared with 53% for McCrory and 38% for Perdue. 58% of Barr's supporters are men, compared with 52% for John McCain and 39% for Barack Obama.

-Quite a sign of how Hillary Clinton has antagonized African Americans- 29% of Barr's supporters are black and just 19% of hers are.

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