Friday, June 13, 2008

Polls Next Week

We've had a bit of a layoff but we're getting back into the game with general election polling in Ohio and Virginia next week.

Beyond the horse race in Ohio we'll look at what impact the selection of Ted Strickland as running mate would have on Barack Obama's prospects in the state. We're also going to take a look ahead to the 2010 Senate race in the state, gaging George Voinovich's popularity and testing him against some of his possible Democratic opponents.

In Virginia we'll have numbers for President and Senate, a look at the impact Mark Warner, Jim Webb, and Tim Kaine could have if added to the ticket, and an early look at the state's 2009 race for Governor.

The plan right now is for an Ohio release on Monday and a Virginia release on Tuesday. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

One poll in Missouri(11 EV)can be very interesting.

It's very very close.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Thanks for letting us know when the new polls are coming. :)

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