Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rasmussen: Governor

Rasmussen's gubernatorial poll shows Bev Perdue leading Pat McCrory 47-46. For some reason they included Michael Munger in their poll last month, but then didn't this month. I think Munger is worth a point or two to Perdue so her lead is likely a little better than this.

Interestingly McCrory's positives are higher than Perdue's and Perdue's negatives are higher than McCrory but Perdue leads nonetheless.

That tells me two things:

1) There are probably more Democrats who have a favorable view of McCrory but are voting for Perdue anyway than there are Republicans who like Perdue.

2) McCrory's benefiting from the relatively free pass he got in the primary and is a lot more brittle than Perdue. Perdue's already stood up well to the nastiest attacks she's likely to face this year, while McCrory hasn't had to do any of that.

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