Monday, June 9, 2008

McCain, Obama, and the war in North Carolina

Ryan over at the Dome blog is reporting that Rep. Ric Killian, the North Carolina veterans' coordinator for John McCain, says that Iraq will be the 'paramount issue' in the fall election and will keep the state red.

Recent North Carolina polling shows that the Republicans better hope Iraq is not the biggest issue in voters' minds this fall. Our mid-May survey showed Obama leading McCain 47-46 among voters who said their biggest issue was the war. A Survey USA poll done around the same time showed Obama with an even greater 56-42 edge on that issue.

Our poll at that time also showed Obama leading McCain on the economy, education, and health care. If McCain wants to be successful he should be hoping moral and family values, taxes, and immigration end up being big issues for NC voters this fall, because that's where he's getting his advantage.

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