Wednesday, June 25, 2008

NC 10: Obama up, Perdue down

John McCain 52
Barack Obama 31
Bob Barr 6

Pat McCrory 55
Bev Perdue 30
Michael Munger 6

PPP took an in depth look at what voters in the 10th Congressional District of North Carolina are thinking right now. The news is mixed.

Barack Obama's 21 point deficit against John McCain might not seem like a good thing- until you consider that in 2004 John Kerry lost the district 67-33 and in 2000 Al Gore lost it 65-34.

The 10th District is pretty white and pretty old. If Obama can really hold McCain under 60% of the vote here, that bodes extremely well for his chances of winning the state as a whole.

The news is not very good for Bev Perdue though. Her current 25 point deficit to Pat McCrory runs well behind the 56-42 margin Mike Easley was able to hold Richard Vinroot to in the district the last time this was an open seat race.

Most of the 10th District is in the Charlotte media market where McCrory's omnipresence certainly helps him, but this still isn't a particularly good sign for her campaign. She only leads 59-29 even among Democrats. The Perdue campaign will have to play some serious offense, sooner than later, to shore up its support with folks in their own party in the greater Charlotte area.

Full results here.

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