Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Absurd Attack

Pat McCrory's campaign is apparently claiming that the fact that Bev Perdue is doing a heavy media buy in Charlotte while the Alliance for North Carolina is not is a sign of malfeasance and coordination between the two entities.

Ridiculous. This is just good political sense:

-One of the things holding Perdue back from a dominating lead in the statewide polls is that many Democrats in the Charlotte area know and like McCrory and are open to voting for him this fall. In our last poll 38% of white Democrats in the 704 area code said they support McCrory. That is the most important area of the state for Perdue to introduce herself to folks who if the Republicans had nominated someone else would definitely be voting for her. If she can convince those voters to stick with the party she's a slam dunk so it makes all the sense in the world to make a significant investment there.

-Second, I'm guessing the reason the Alliance for North Carolina is not running ads in Charlotte at this point is a return on investment one, not because the Perdue campaign said 'we have it covered.' Charlotte and Asheville's tv markets bleed heavily into South Carolina so there is not as much bang for your buck doing media in them as there is in the rest of the state. It is common for campaigns and political organizations to hold off advertising there for that reason- for instance, both Perdue and Richard Moore's campaigns did not begin advertising in those places until well after they were advertising in the rest of the state during the primary. I'm sure the Alliance for North Carolina is just using the same calculus plenty of other folks have used in the past when it comes to tv advertising.

This is obviously just another attempt by the McCrory campaign to play up this corrupt Raleigh Democrats card, but as we learned last month, it's the Republicans in Washington that North Carolinians associate with corruption.


jhs said...

Tom: I think what is absurd is Perdue's latest ad claiming McCrory is "dangerous to the middle class"

I guess we should check with middle class voters in Charlotte who have elected him mayor over and over to see if that is in fact true.

What is dangerous to the middle class is the continued selling of government by hereditary Democrats in Raleigh who think if they go along to get along long enough they can get their hand on the spigot of state tax money.

Jeffrey Sykes

Anonymous said...

I think the voters of NC are connecting the dots between the current administration in Raleigh and voting for a continuation of that versus voting for a guy that works well with everyone and the longest-serving Mayor of the largest city in the state. Perdue did herself no favors last night with a horrendous debate performance, but you won't admit that.

Will Cubbison said...

He does work well with everyone. Everyone who is also a paid employee of Duke Power.

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