Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ohio Senate 2010: More Voinovich Vulnerability

PPP's third monthly look at Ohio Republican Senator George Voinovich's standing with the state's voters continues to show him incredibly vulnerable if he chooses to run for reelection in 2010. Just 30% approve of his job performance, and even among folks in his own party he enjoys just a 37% approval rating.

In possible 2010 match ups Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher has a 40-38 advantage over Voinovich, while Voinovich leads Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson 42-32.

Fisher and Jackson were tested as possibilities based on suggestions made by PPP blog readers on this thread.

In July PPP found Voinovich would trail Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and narrowly lead Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman. In June PPP saw a tie between Voinovich and Congressman Tim Ryan and a narrow lead over Congresswoman Betty Sutton.

The polling results of the last three months make it clear there are a number of Democrats who could make credible runs for this seat in two years. Whether Voinovich decides to retire or not Ohio figures to be a key Senate battleground in the next election.

Full results here.

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