Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dole Falling Apart?

I would think one of the cardinal rules of politics is not to remind people of your flaws. That's why I'm amazed to see that Elizabeth Dole's new ad responding to the DSCC's ads about her #93 effectiveness ranking devotes its first four seconds to repeating that unfortunate little fact about herself! Don't spend your own money to remind people about an ad that's doing you a lot of damage.

The rest of her new ad is a series of weak and unsupported platitudes about various supposed accomplishments and some 'Best of Congress' award that 50 members of Congress applied to win and that 24 received. Not the most impressive honor.

I'll admit up until a couple weeks ago I didn't really think Kay Hagan had any chance at this. But the DSCC's campaign on her behalf has been brilliant, and I'm frankly amazed at the numbers we've seen the first two days of our tracking poll- we'll probably release the North Carolina Senate numbers Tuesday.

Elizabeth Dole is in real bad shape. Hard to believe.

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Chris said...

Do you really want to remind people how great you are in a body that has 10% favorable ratings?

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