Wednesday, August 27, 2008

NC Governor

Bev Perdue 43
Pat McCrory 38
Michael Munger 4

The polling in this race is largely static right now. Four companies- PPP, Civitas, SurveyUSA, and Rasmussen- surveyed the contest in both July and August. The average difference between last month's polls and this month's polls is a half point in Perdue's direction. Her lead is an average of four points over those companies' numbers, a clear lead for the Lieutenant Governor but also an indication that this race is far from over.

One notable thing in the numbers is that McCrory is still having difficulty getting much traction outside of the greater Charlotte area. He has a dominating 54-33 lead there, but trails in every other region of the state at this point. He managed to make it through the primary based largely on the strength of his home tv market performance but that formula is unlikely to work for him in the general.

Although Perdue is overall in fine shape right now, her lead probably ought to be larger after all the money that has been spent on her behalf this month. Analysis of that here.

Full results here.

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