Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Missouri: Senate 2010

Kit Bond 44
Dick Gephardt 43

Kit Bond 46
Russ Carnahan 43

Bond Approval:

Approve 44
Disapprove 43

At 44% Kit Bond's job approval is actually a good deal better than what PPP is finding for a lot of Republican Senators right now. But he could still be up for a strong challenge in 2010 depending on who chooses to run against him. Last month we found that Robin Carnahan could give him a strong run for his money, and our poll this time shows that both her brother, Russ Carnahan, and his predecessor in Congress, Dick Gephardt, could keep the race within the margin of error in 2010.

Whether Bond decides to run for reelection in 2010 or not the Democrats appear to have candidates to choose from who could make the strongest run their party has for this seat in quite a while.

Full results here

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