Friday, August 15, 2008

Rasmussen sees the Perdue surge

A new Rasmussen poll out this morning shows that maybe our numbers on the Governor's race two weeks ago weren't crazy- they show Bev Perdue expanding her lead over Pat McCrory to 49-43, or 51-45 with leaners. She had been up just a single point in their previous survey, conducted in June. Civitas will have new numbers on the race I believe next week and we will the week after that.

Regardless of the magnitude there's clearly movement in Perdue's direction right now. PPP saw an eight point gain for her from its last poll, Rasmussen found it at five, and Survey USA found it at two for an average five point gain.

The Presidential race shows the same basic pattern of all recent polling with John McCain leading by four points, or six points with leaners. The leaner number does give McCain the largest lead he has seen in North Carolina since Barack Obama wrapped up the nomination.

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