Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ohio: who are the undecideds?

The Ohio poll we released the other day showed 10% of respondents undecided. Here's their profile:

-31% are Democrats, 11% are Republicans, and 57% are independents.
-56% are women and 44% are men, pretty much in line with the electorate as a whole
-93% are white, 2% are black, and 5% are other races, much whiter than the population in general.
-Just 9% are under 30, while 25% are over 65 meaning that the undecideds skew old. Those figures are 15% and 18% for the whole poll.
-60% of them list their top issue as the economy, compared to 49% in general.

Because of the significant Democratic id advantage Obama should have the upper hand with these voters, but it shows he has work to do winning over older white Democratic voters. Given the disproportionate concern for the economy among these folks, convincing them that he's the one who can turn things around will be key to Obama's chances in Ohio.

The convention next week could also be vital to getting these voters to stay in the party for their Presidential vote this fall.

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Continue to Spread the Word!!! said...

Ohio will go red.
I live in NE Ohio, my county went to Hillary 68-32. Many of the HRC voters are going to McCain!

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