Monday, August 11, 2008

Colorado Senate 2010

Ken Salazar Approval:

Approve 39
Disapprove 36

Salazar 49
Tom Tancredo 37

Salazar 46
Mike Coffman 38

Ken Salazar's approval rating continues to languish below 40%, but he does pretty well in match ups against possible 2010 foes Tom Tancredo and Mike Coffman.

Tancredo has been the most open about possibly running in 2010, but he will have some hurdles to climb. He only leads Salazar 66-19 among GOP voters, an indication that he may be a little far out even for some members of his own party. And not surprisingly given his outspokenness on immigration he has a 67-21 gap against Salazar among Hispanics, a voting block that becomes more and more important with each passing Colorado election.

Last month PPP looked at how Salazar might do against Bill Owens and John Elway.

Full results here.


Matt said...

Why was Coffman polled? He is running for Tancredo's Congressional seat. I don't think he would serve just two years in the House and then run for a Senate seat. If he wanted to run for Salazar's seat, I think he would have chosen to stay in his statewide elected office. I think Colorado Attorney General John Suthers would be a better candidate to poll against Salazar.

Anonymous said...

I think it is ashame that we continue to elect lawyers to serve us in such important roles. Lawyers have no experience with decision making. They have very poor business experience and just we want then to make major decisions for us . Are we nuts? It's time we have a serious business person running for Senate, Congress and Governor. We must get back to leadership. I have never in my 35 adult years met an attorney that has any idea of what leadership is. Remember, they argue their cases and never have to make decisions.. Wake Up Colorado. NO MORE LAWYERS IN OFFICE...

Anonymous said...

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