Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SurveyUSA: Hagan on the move

SurveyUSA has its newest numbers for North Carolina out and the big story is Kay Hagan moving up considerably against Elizabeth Dole. Dole's lead is now just 46-41 after being 54-42 in SUSA's previous survey.

The negative ads on Dole's effectiveness must be making a difference, and this is another indication that Dole's June tv buy may have been a little panicky and of low long term impact. Full results here.

The numbers for President are ho hum, more of the same, like pretty much all North Carolina polling since Barack Obama became the presumptive nominee. John McCain leads 49-45. Obama still has work to do nailing his party down, as McCain receives the support of 25% of self identified Democrats. Full results here.

I was most curious with this poll to see whether Survey USA would find Bev Perdue making the same large gain she did in our poll a few weeks ago but for now they show her lead just increasing from one point to three. One reason we showed Perdue with such a big advantage the other week is that she was doing better with Democrats than Pat McCrory was with Republicans but this has McCrory up 82-13 with his party while Perdue leads just 73-19 with hers. I'll be interested to see Civitas' numbers in the near future, and we'll be back in the field in North Carolina next week. Full results here.

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