Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Missouri: Governor and other statewide offices


Jay Nixon 48
Kenny Hulshof 42

Nixon's lead over Hulshof is down four points from the ten point advantage he showed in PPP's July poll. This is not particularly surprising given that Hulshof has been much more in the spotlight over the last six weeks because of his highly competitive primary. This is not a bad place for Nixon to be.

Lieutenant Governor:

Peter Kinder 48
Sam Page 37

Secretary of State:

Robin Carnahan 49
Mitch Hubbard 39

Both of the statewide incumbents running to keep their seats appear to be in a solid position.


Brad Lager 41
Clint Zweifel 36

Attorney General:

Chris Koster 42
Mike Gibbons 39

Both of the open statewide offices look to be competitive.

Full results here.

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