Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And the winner is...

We'll test Cal Cunningham against Richard Burr this weekend. He was the winner of our very nonscientific blog poll with 41% of respondents selecting him. Mike McIntyre finished second with 27%, Linda Garrou was third with 14%, Elaine Marshall had 12%, and Harvey Gantt had 4%.

It was kind of amusing watching this unfold over the last 48 hours. Someone put up a facebook link telling people to go vote for Garrou on Monday, so she had the lead for the first 24 hours. Then around midday yesterday, Mike McIntyre surged into the lead with a whole bunch of ip addresses popping up on our traffic report.

But then came the Davidson County onslaught, with dozens and dozens of people from Lexington coming into vote for Cunningham and putting him over the top. Nothing wrong with that, so we'll have numbers on him and Jim Neal next week.

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