Thursday, February 12, 2009

Appointing the Superintendent...

Dome reports Leo Daughtry filed a bill today to appoint the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

That topic's been on our minds too, and one of the questions on this weekend's tracking poll asks voters whether they think not just the Superintendent, but also the Commissioners of Agriculture, Labor, and Insurance should be elected or appointed.

I have a feeling the reality is going to be that as little as voters know or care about these positions, they still want the power to elect them. Republican voters in particular might want to keep them elected since Steve Troxler and Cherie Berry are their only voices on the Council of State.

I personally think these positions should all be appointed. My home state of Michigan is a particularly egregious offender of electing positions that people don't care about, with the governing bodies for U of M, MSU, and Wayne State all popularly elected. Very silly. But I'm not going to hold my breathe on the system being changed in Michigan or North Carolina any time soon.

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