Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Hampshire

We keep wanting to do a Kentucky poll but it seems prudent to put it off for another week because of the ice storm there, so I think we'll hit the field in New Hampshire this weekend.

It seems clear Paul Hodes will run. We'll test Carol Shea-Porter too unless she swears off a run by the end of the week. That seems to pretty much cover the Democrats, although please correct me if there's someone else we should really be looking at.

What are your suggestions for the Republicans? We'll see if anyone actually announces this week, but otherwise who are a couple people we should test against Hodes and Shea-Porter?


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

How about anyone who pays their taxes?

Adam Hearts Dems said...

charlie bass and jeb bradley

Anonymous said...

For the Democrats you should also include: Katrina Swett, Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand, and Jay Buckey.

For the GOP, you should include: John Sununu, Frank Guinta, Bruce Keough, Peter Spaulding, and Jim Merrill (son of Steve).

Adam said...

You should pit Hodes and Shea-Porter against each other in a hypothetical Democratic primary. Then you should pit them both against John Sununu, Charlie Bass, Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, and Frank Guitna.

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