Tuesday, February 10, 2009


First of all, 100% of people who were at the women's version of the UNC-Dook rivalry last night strongly agree that Dook got owned in the second half. If you heard someone yell 'Abby, you suck, and your boyfriend does too,' that was me. I'm standing wearing a black shirt in photo 14 of this N&O photo gallery.

Anyway, we do have scientific polling from last year on the important issue of who people will be rooting for tomorrow night in North Carolina, and it breaks down 40% for the Tar Heels, 24% for the Devils, and a remarkable 36% who don't care!!!

UNC's support was steady across the state, with every region preferring the Heels as well as every party, race, and gender demographic and three out of four age groups.

I am sure it will be a dramatic game, but keep this in mind if it doesn't work out for the Heels- the last time they lost in Cameron in Februrary they were cutting down the nets on Monday night less than two months later...


Anonymous said...

Carolina SUCKS! GO DUKE!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that your age group that favors Duke?

Anonymous said...

Well, when you get a state with an ever increasing population who moved from somewhere else, you shouldn't be surprised by don't care! For most people around the country, UNC and Duke are two of the programs you love to hate (more so Duke, of course). Duke's low level of support in state is due to the fact that many people here don't even think of it as a North Carolina school!

By the way, this supports my belief that the biggest rivalry (in terms of stirring up in state passions) is UK vs. U of L. I guarantee that you'd never get anything close to 36% don't care in Kentucky (although the split would probably be something like 80-15-5 in favor of the Cats). Having lived in both states it's obvious that UNC doesn't stir the absolute statewide adoration here that UK does in Kentucky.

Tom Jensen said...

I think we're going to do a Kentucky poll sometime in the next few months so I might put your theory to the test!

It was certainly a great game this season.

Anonymous said...

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