Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bipartisan Consensus on Smoking Ban

Currently being considered in the legislature is a bill that would ban smoking in restaurants and public places, with very few exemptions. Do you support a ban on smoking in public places?

Yes 64
No 31

Last week when we polled on the economic stimulus package in Congress we found the North Carolina electorate about as polarized along party lines on that issue as it could possibly be. That's not the case when it comes to the proposed smoking ban the General Assembly is considering, which is earning majority support across partisan and ideological lines.

68% of Democrats, 62% of Republicans, and 58% of independents support it. So do 72% of liberals, 65% of moderates, and 60% of conservatives.

A majority of every demographic group that PPP tracks expresses support for the ban. The lowest levels of support come from voters in the Triad (52%) and those in rural areas (57%).

It's unusual for public opinion to be so lopsided on an issue generating as much heat as this one is. If the General Assembly doesn't pass the smoking ban this year it seems pretty clear that will be a response to special interests rather than public opinion.

Full results here.

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Anonymous said...

Any tax exempt political action committee (charity) that, instead of educating, their primary function, spends huge sums of money to hire lobbyists to make laws using THREATS, INTIMIDITATION, LAW ENFORCEMENT, and SNITCHING to FORCE people to OBEY their guidelines will get NO DONATIONS from me. Here they are, all fed by big pharma through their Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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