Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Perdue approval better than Easley's

Bev Perdue approval:

Approve 43
Disapprove 32

PPP's first look at Bev Perdue's approval rating finds decent numbers for her a month into her term as Governor. They're positively glowing compared to our final look at Mike Easley's approval ratings last June, which found only 33% of voters in the state happy with his performance compared to 37% who disapproved.

Perdue's strongest marks are coming from her home base in the eastern part of the state, where 51% approve of her performance compared to just 26% who disapprove. Her weakest numbers are in the mountains, where 32% approve and 45% disapprove. Perhaps the most notable thing about Perdue's approval is that at 46/29, her numbers are better in greater Charlotte than they are statewide, perhaps an indication that her outreach efforts in the section of the state she fared poorest at in the election are starting to pay off.

It's also interesting to note that Perdue's numbers are slightly less polarized on party lines than Barack Obama's. 15% of Republicans approve of her work compared to 55% disapproving, a considerably better ratio than Obama's 12/79. But folks within her own party are also a little less supportive, with 66% approving and 13% disapproving compared to 82/12 for Obama.

With her initial approval numbers much better than those of her predecessors, it doesn't appear that all the ballyhoo about Perdue's vacation last week is having an impact on the voters.

Full results here.

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