Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama and Perdue

You might expect that with Barack Obama and Bev Perdue both being Democrats, most North Carolina voters either approve of both their job performances or neither. And for the most part that's true. 38% of voters like how each of them is doing and 25% don't like how either of them is doing.

There is a segment of the population though that approves of Obama but not Perdue and another that approves of Perdue but not Obama. Who are those people?

73% of the folks who approve of Perdue but not Obama are conservatives and 53% are Republicans. That's an indication that she's both getting more crossover support than Obama and appealing better to the more right leaning segment within her own party. 43% of them are from eastern North Carolina compared to just 28% of the overall population so it looks like the popularity across party lines in her home region that helped get her elected continues.

A 53% majority of the folks who approve of Obama but not Perdue are Democrats. They're also mostly liberals and moderates- 71% compared to 56% for the electorate as a whole. Additionally, they're much younger than the general populace- 55% under 45 compared to 40% overall. During the election it seemed like even though most young voters and liberals were still planning to vote for Perdue, they were a lot more enthusiastic about Obama. These figures would seem to indicate that continues to be the case.

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