Monday, December 21, 2009

Bachmann Poll Preview

We'll release the full numbers on Michele Bachmann's political situation tomorrow but the bottom line is that as much controversy as she generates for her comments in the national media, her constituents just don't seem to mind.

Only 37% of voters in her district consider her political views to be 'extremist' and a similar 36% feel that she is ideologically 'too conservative.'

Most Democrats do hold those beliefs- 82% think she's an extremist and 69% think she's too conservative. But there doesn't seem to be much of a moderate wing within her district's Republican voters- only 7% of them think she's an extremist and just 11% think she's too conservative.

Given Barack Obama's 39% approval rating in the district and the 29% level of support for the Democratic health care plan it's a pretty good bet that Bachmann's constituents agree with a lot of the stuff she says that's painted as far out by the media. In this political climate Bachmann can probably keep on talking with relative impunity back home.


Anonymous said...

37% of Bachmann's constituents think she's "extremist" and you dismiss that as inconsequential? Who runs this poll--James Dobson?

Anonymous said...

That's why you should never poll based on a vote.

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