Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bunning's Standing

Sometimes when an embattled incumbent announces their retirement they get a retirement approval bounce but such is not the case for Kentucky's Jim Bunning.

29% of voters in the state now like the job he's doing, compared to 28% when we looked at the state in April. Bunning has actually seen a small bump in approval with Democrats from 16% to 19%, but with independents he's dropped from 36% to 28%, just further confirmation that his retirement was a very good thing for GOP hopes of holding onto his seat.

I'm sure Bunning's being AWOL on the health care vote this week will not do anything to make his constituents feel more charitably toward him.

Bunning's seat is one that went from leaning Democratic to leaning Republican as soon as he retired. You have to wonder if a Chris Dodd retirement would have the same effect. I think our first poll of 2010 will probably be a look at how Richard Blumenthal would do as the party's Senate nominee.


Anonymous said...

First poll of 2010 should be Massachusetts senate race. You have until AUGUST to poll the CT Senate PRIMARY and until NOVEMBER for the General. You already missed the boat on the Massachusetts primary, and only have until JANUARY 19th for the MA-Special election. Your poll would get alot of attention, as it would likely be the only general election poll.

Brandon K said...

I concur with that...a MA senate poll before the election would be great.

Rasmus said...

Polls with lopsided results rarely get attention.

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