Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Obama and Afghanistan

Afghanistan's been getting a fair amount of attention lately, but it doesn't seem to be having much impact on Barack Obama's approval rating.

Consider this:

-Among voters who support Obama on health care but oppose him on Afghanistan is approval rating is a positive 91/9 spread.

-Among voters who support Obama on Afghanistan but oppose him on health care his approval is a negative 84/11 spread.

Obama's stance on Afghanistan appeals to some of his usual detractors and has antagonized some of his supporters, but it's really not having much of an impact on his overall standing. People's stance on health care is a much greater indicator of their total support for him.


craig41 said...

ok, it's been a long day, but aren't those two basically the same group? anti obama afghanistan, pro obama health care seems to sum up both groups.

Tom Jensen said...

Haha, I guess this would be a good case of 'listen to what I mean and not what I say.' Thanks for catching that.

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