Monday, December 14, 2009

Palin and the crazies

It is certainly not breaking news that Sarah Palin is the darling of the most extreme fringe of the Republican Party, but here's yet another data point on it: she's by far the most popular potential 2012 candidate with voters who disapprove of Barack Obama and already want to impeach him.

86% of voters who fit that description have a favorable opinion of Palin to 62% for Mike Huckabee and 49% for Mitt Romney.

That's a much wider popularity gap than exists among all Republicans, 73% of whom view Palin favorably to 57% for Huckabee and 51% for Romney.

By comparison, among Republicans who don't want to impeach Obama yet just 62% have a favorable opinion of Palin compared to 54% for Romney and 51% for Huckabee.

Romney is more popular with the reasonable wing of the Republican Party than the lunatic fringe, which probably hurts his chances at the 2012 nomination. Palin on the other hand is the most popular candidate at this point with both, but is considerably better liked by the crazies who already support impeaching Obama for...what I'm not sure.

If the 2012 GOP nomination fight ultimately turns into a two way race between Palin and Romney it will certainly be a fascinating referendum on the future of the party.


Matthew Hubbard said...

How many people want to impeach Obama? That would be a useful number, don't you think?

freeta goodholm said...

Tom Jensen acts like a silly little child.
Can any of his poll results be trusted?

militantfeather said...

Pffft. How many truthers support Obama, Jensen? Hmmmmm?

roark183 said...

There is little point in impeaching Obama. After his impeachment, we would be faced with Biden, Pelosi, Byrd and then Hillary - not a bright prospect. It appears Obama is intent on destroying the US dollar anyway. When that happens the Fed the IRS will disappear and the US gov't will fall into oblivion. State gov'ts will ignore it and make their own way. Obama is bent on his own self-destruction. We needn't worry about impeaching him.

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