Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Michele Bachmann's standing

Michele Bachmann may be controversial but for now she's also looking pretty safe for reelection.

53% of Bachmann's constituents approve of the job she's doing in Congress to 41% who disapprove. Her numbers certainly reflect her polarizing nature, with 86% of Republicans giving her good marks and 83% of Democrats saying they don't like her performance. But in a GOP leaning district and with a 51% approval from independents it all adds up to a pretty solid standing.

Tested against her potential 2010 opponents Bachmann leads Tarryl Clark 55-37 and Maureen Reed 53-37. The magnitude of those leads at this stage certainly has a lot to do with the Democrats' low name recognition, as 82% of voters don't know enough about Reed to have an opinion of her and 68% say the same of Clark. Bachmann's leads over them will probably get smaller as they become better known, but she is still over the 50% threshold considered safe for an incumbent.

Aiding Bachmann's standing is tepid feelings by voters in the district toward Democratic politicians. Barack Obama has only a 39% approval rating there after winning 45% of the vote in the district last year. He's popular compared to the Democrats in Congress- only 29% of voters have a favorable opinion of them and an equal 29% support the health care bill while 56% are opposed.

37% of voters in the district consider Bachmann's political views to be 'extremist' and 36% think she's too conservative, suggesting that the constituents who dislike her really dislike her, but most voters seem comfortable with her.

In what's shaping up to be a Republican year Bachmann's reelection looks pretty likely.

Full results here


Aubrey Immelman said...

The survey is consistent with my July 2009 analysis of the outlook for the 2010 U.S. House of Representatives election in Minnesota's 6th Congressional District.


Unknown said...

how can this racist have office? she clearly has stated, not all cultures are equal not all values are equal and she makes no sense insulting france, she cant make a coherant sentance all she does is attack and make anti culture, religious arguements...it should fire up her opposition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nP4hYkfwuTY&feature=fvw

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