Thursday, December 17, 2009

Voters down on Wake GOP Commissioners

Wake County voters are not very happy with the Republican County Commissioners after they elected one of their own as board chair last week while one Democratic member was sick and another was in the bathroom.

46% of respondents said they generally disapproved of the 'recent actions' of the GOP commissioners to just 26% approving. When asked specifically their opinions on how the chair election was handled, 66% of voters said they disapproved to only 24% approving. And 62% of voters think there should be a 'redo' of the chair election when all members can be present to 29% opposed to such a move.

Predictably 83% of Democrats said they were unhappy with the handling of the chair election, but so did 62% of independents and 40% of Republicans. On the question of having a second election 82% of Democrats expressed support along with 56% of independents and 34% of Republicans.

This issue could have consequences at the polls for Republicans next year. Before any other questions about the commissioners were asked Wake County voters generally said they planned to vote Democratic at the county level by a 45-36 margin next year. Beyond that 56% of respondents said the way the chair election went down made them less likely to vote for Republicans next year, compared to only 22% who said it made them more likely to support the GOP.

The 2008 election showed a significant trend away from Republicans in Wake County, leading to the loss of incumbent GOP commissioner Kenn Gardner by a wide margin. The party's best hope for winning in the future is depressed Democratic turnout and it was probably a misstep to hand their foes this 'fair play' issue that could be used to energize otherwise lethargic/complacent Democratic voters next fall.

Full results here

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