Monday, December 28, 2009

Looking at Sparks

With the news that Ron Sparks might get into the race on the Democratic side against Parker Griffith in Alabama's 5th Congressional District it seemed worth going back and looking at how he polled in the northern part of the state when we took a look at his Gubernatorial prospects earlier this year.

It was a mixed bag for Sparks. He led Kay Ivey 37-24 and Tim James 35-29 but trailed Bradley Byrne 35-31 and Roy Moore 43-35. With the exception of the Moore match up he did better in the 256 area code than statewide.

I don't know that Sparks will be able to win election to Congress, especially in what's shaping up as a pretty tough year for Democrats, but I think his chances of emerging from that race as a winner are better than his chances of getting elected Governor would have been.

Something important to keep in mind when it comes to Democratic hopes of keeping this district though- even back in June Barack Obama's approval rating in northern Alabama was 32%.

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Thomas said...

I live in Griffith's district and he is toast. Les Phillip is backed by the Huntsville Tea Party members and even though he comes in last for donations he has the most donors by a huge margin.

I think Mo Brooks, the other Republican candidate has around 80 donors. Les Phillip has around 8000 donors.

This race is far from over and I can not honestly say which of the two will win. Griffith will not win the primaries though.

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