Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Democratic Tracking Poll: the Other Stuff

US Senate:

Kay Hagan 22
Jim Neal 13
John Ross Hendrix 7
Undecided 58

Hagan leads Neal in every region of the state but notably has the support of 44% of respondents from the Triad where she has represented Greensboro in the state Senate for nine years. She doesn't exceed 21% in any other area.


Janet Cowell 15
David Young 15
Michael Weisel 6
Undecided 64

This race shows a notable gender gap. While Young leads 22-15 among male respondents, Cowell has the 15-10 edge with women.

Superintendent of Public Instruction:

June Atkinson 38
Eddie Davis 13
Undecided 48

In the three months we've been tracking this race Atkinson's lead has grown 17 points to 22 and now to 25.

Full results.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom. Good stuff.

And thanks for posting the topline info at BlueNC. Much appreciated.

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