Tuesday, June 17, 2008

North Carolinians Oppose Trucks Bill

A new PPP survey finds that only 15% of North Carolinians support a bill being pushed by Clark Jenkins to allow 53 foot trucks to travel on most state roads.

58% of those polled are opposed to the measure with 27% unsure.

This issue is remarkable in terms of how broad based the opposition to it is. Every single demographic subgroup- men, women, white, black, young, old, and across the political spectrum is opposed with no group expressing more than 20% support for the initiative.

Full results here.


Anonymous said...

Actually, 53 ft is the length of the trailer only, adding the tractor would be another 12 ft maybe more.

I want to make a point : truckers know what roads to avoid if enough warning is given (whenever the maps dont give a good representation of the type of mountain road it is)sometimes putting up good signs explaining road conditions for longer trucks will keep larger vehicles away.

Anonymous said...

Thats terrible! IMAGINE HAVING A 53 FT Truck going past your house at all hours of the day and night.

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