Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Council of State Numbers


Beth Wood 40
Leslie Merritt 29

This is four times in a row the poll has shown Wood with a strong lead so I am well past thinking it could be a fluke. Unless Merritt runs an exceptional campaign he seems likely to lose his seat.

Lieutenant Governor:

Walter Dalton 32
Robert Pittenger 29
Phillip Rhodes 7

Dalton has led every poll since the primaries, although the race is always close.


Janet Cowell 36
Bill Daughtridge 34

Cowell takes the lead in the poll for the first time.

Insurance Commissioner:

Wayne Goodwin 34
John Odom 33
Mark McMains 8

This has been one of the closest races in the polls so far.


June Atkinson 39
Richard Morgan 34

Atkinson's leads have been steady if not overwhelming. Are Republicans unhappy with his tenure in the Legislature going to leave this one blank?

Labor Commissioner:

Cherie Berry 39
Mary Fant Donnan 36

This is likely to be one of the closest races in the fall, and if the new voters who come out for Barack Obama vote the rest of the ballot too that could end up putting Donnan over the top.

Agriculture Commissioner:

Steve Troxler 40
Ronnie Ansley 35

Troxler is in the strongest position of any Republican on the ticket.

Attorney General:

Roy Cooper 48
Bob Crumley 30

I saw a bunch of Crumley's 'non-campaign' ads last night watching the convention but it doesn't seem to be doing him any good.

Secretary of State:

Elaine Marshall 43
Jack Sawyer 32

Marshall, along with Cooper, looks to have the safest race this fall.

Full results here


Anonymous said...

Most of these numbers for down ballot races seem useless.

The only candidates who are actively campaigning through mass media are the candidates for US Senate and Governor. I think most people surveyed have no clue who the candidates are for many of the lower profile races.

Tom Jensen said...

FWIW, this comment was posted by someone with an IP address at Crumley and Associates. Mr. Crumley himself?

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