Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joe Biden in North Carolina

Joe Biden was the speaker at the North Carolina Democratic Party's 2003 Vance-Aycock fundraiser and got this picture taken with the UNC Young Democrats. I'm in there somewhere!

He gave a rousing speech about foreign policy but I must admit the thing I remember more from the night is watching Don Zimmer brawl with the Red Sox in one of the hospitality suites.


andgarden said...

So Tom, I have a newsworthy polling suggestion. Biden is supposed to help Obama in his hometown of Scranton. Scranton is in Pennsylvania's 11th Congressional district, where Paul Kanjorski is supposedly facing the political fight of his life in a rematch with Lou Barletta, an anti-immigration Republican. Indeed, it might be the only shot the Republicans have at picking up a seat in the House. The DCCC has been taking it seriously, spending several hundred thousand on ads.

Both Al Gore and John Kerry won PA-11 by healthy margins. This was by design--the Republican legislature intentionally made it as Democratic as possible, scooping Scranton out of the 10th in the process.

So here's the question: in this critical district in NE PA, is Biden helping Obama? Would Hillary Clinton, who won the district by double digits in April fare any better against McCain? And just how is Congressman Kanjorski performing against Barletta? So far as I know, there have been no public polls, so you would have an exclusive.

So whadda ya say Tom, game to make some news in PA and nationally?

Will Cubbison said...

Great suggestion. There are a number of swing congressional districts in swing states that will give us an insight into the election as a whole. Places like PA-11 would be great to poll.

Anonymous said...

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