Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ohio and Missouri Senate 2010

I am taking my first vacation time in over a year (thank you extended primary!) for the rest of the week so we're just going to have one public poll out, in Colorado, Monday or Tuesday next week.

We're going in the field in Ohio and Missouri probably Wednesday for releases the week of the 18th and I would appreciate any input you might have as we continue to look at possible 2010 Senate match ups.

Our Ohio June poll found Tim Ryan tied and Betty Sutton just behind George Voinovich, while our July poll found Jennifer Brunner leading and Mike Coleman narrowly trailing Voinovich. Who would be your picks for our next duo to test?

In Missouri we found Robin Carnahan narrowly trailing Kit Bond with Susan Montee further behind in July, and I'm open to your suggestions on who we should look at this time around.

Our Colorado poll will have some 2010 Senate goodness, with a look at how Congressman Tom Tancredo and Secretary of State Mike Coffman match up with Ken Salazar.

I'm headed to Phoenix first thing in the morning to see my beloved but moribund Braves probably get slaughtered by the D-Backs and will likely do little or no blogging between now and Monday. Hope to come back to some good suggestions for our next round of polls!


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a Gephardt v. Bond matchup polled.

Anonymous said...

Strickland in Ohio, and Jay Nixon and Gephardt in Missouri.

Anonymous said...

Missouri: Jay Nixon, Roger Wilson, Russ Carnahan, or Emanuel Cleaver.

Ohio: Lee Fisher, Richard Cordray, or Zack Space.

Anonymous said...

Ohio: Dennis Kucinich, Paul Hackett, and Frank Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Gephardt probably isn't coming out of retirement like Grahm but it would be interesting to see how he would do if he did. Russ Carnahan is also another commonly mentioned name that would be good to poll. Polling Nixon would be interesting just beacuse like Gephardt. Not a whole lot of other Democratic names in the state.

In Ohio I'd like to see Stickland polled. He's unlikely but I think there is still a chance that he would run. Lee Fisher is another name that would be interesting.

And of course. It would be hilarious to see a poll of the elf king.

Anonymous said...

Tubbs Jones in Ohio

Anonymous said...

When will you start polling Democratic incumbents for 2010? There could be some interesting races on both sides, and the margin of seats each party has to defend will be smaller than it is this year.

Anonymous said...

Ohio: Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Lee Fisher

Missouri: Emanuel Cleaver and Mike Sanders

Anonymous said...

Russ Carnahan for sure. Maybe Montee. Maybe Nixon (who will have just been elected governor). Not Cleaver, Clay, or Skelton.
Bond may retire, so I would suggest polling the potential Dem challengers against Sam Graves, Sarah Steelman, or Kenny Holshof (most or all of which will be out of a job next year). A Graves candidacy would divide the MO GOP. Roy Blunt has too much seniority in the House to switch to the Senate.

Anonymous said...

For MO: Former Lt. Gov. Joe Maxwell is popular in exactly the parts of the state a Dem needs in MO to win.

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