Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dole Tanking in Final Days

Dole Opinion

Favorable 36
Unfavorable 51

Better Senator

Kay Hagan 52
Elizabeth Dole 35

As Elizabeth Dole prepares to leave the US Senate, her popularity with North Carolina voters is at an all time low. For the first time a majority of people in the state view her unfavorably.

What is perhaps most remarkable about these numbers is that a full quarter of Republican voters now have a negative opinion of Dole. Few self identified Republicans voted for Hagan last month so a lot of folks must have cast a Dole ballot while holding their noses.

To get an idea of how whatever bipartisan appeal Dole might have had is gone, consider this: in February 2008 24% of Democrats approved of her job performance while just 16% of Republicans disapproved. When there are more folks in the opposite party happy with what you're doing than there are people in your party who are unhappy with what you're doing you're usually in good shape. But ten months later those figures for Dole have pretty much flipped: 25% of Republicans see her unfavorably, while only 15% of Democrats look at her positively.

When it comes to whether they think Hagan or Dole will make the better Senator, 52% pick Hagan compared to 35% for Dole. The optimism for Hagan spans all demographic groups by race, gender, age, and region. Voters also trust the new Senator more to be able to do something about the economy- 60% of folks in the state who list that as their top issue think Hagan will do a better job compared to just 25% who say the same of Dole.

It's remarkable how far Dole's esteem with North Carolinians has fallen in just six years.

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