Thursday, December 18, 2008

Moore basically rules out a Senate run

I'm surprised this hasn't received more attention, but in a wide ranging interview with Cullen Browder of WRAL yesterday, Richard Moore came close to ruling out a 2010 Senate run:

-He said he's interested in going into the money management business.

-He said he had no specific plans for future electoral office.

-He said he didn't think the timing was going to work out for a run against Richard Burr.

-He expressed a feeling that he needed more of a break from campaigning/electoral politics than an immediate Senate run would give him.

He left the door open but my sense from the interview is that he doesn't have the fire in his belly to wage a tough statewide campaign two cycles in a row.

The most relevant part about his 2010 plans is from the 17 to 19 minute mark.

He also didn't sound like someone who felt like mending a lot of fences, blasting SEANC and defending the 'Confederate Hats' ads he ran against Bev Perdue in the closing days of the Democratic primary. You have to figure if he was really thinking about a Senate race he'd be looking to mend fences with those constituencies.

As I wrote two weeks ago, I think not running in 2010 would be the prudent choice for Moore. But maybe he'll surprise us. It's hard to be surprised by anything in politics after the past year.

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