Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Perdue's Pace

I'm kind of amused by the handwringing among some media and pundits about the pace at which Bev Perdue is announcing her cabinet appointments. Is that really concern about whether she's doing something wrong, or just the product of folks coming off an exciting election needing something to amuse themselves during a long, boring December?

Taking the time to get it right is a heck of a lot more important than feeding the need for the chattering class, so I think Perdue has it right. Two years from now no one's going to remember how fast Perdue announced her team, but they'll sure know if someone wasn't sufficiently vetted or thought through and they screw something up.

Hopefully she's taking the time to make sure she's picking a well balanced team that will show she means business about changing things in Raleigh. If she takes all this time and then announces a status quo roster of appointees, that will be the time to whack her.

One thing we know for sure from this process: this is a team that doesn't leak. It's amazing how little substantive information has come out, and that shows a good amount of discipline on the part of her team.

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