Thursday, December 25, 2008

Low Response Rates

My entire extended family is congregated at the beach in South Carolina this week, and my 14 year old cousin got her first cell phone for Christmas (good grief, most folks in my 'generation,' ten years older than hers, didn't get one until college.)

So what did she and her 13 year old sister decide to do during their first day with this exciting new toy? They made prank calls to random people in Greenville, South Carolina purporting to be conducting a survey. They said the main two questions they asked were 'Do you prefer Full House or the Gilmore Girls' and 'Who do you like better: Taylor Swift or the Pussycat Dolls?'

No wonder legitimate survey researchers have trouble getting folks to pick up the phone and answer their polls! I told Maggie and Annie their idea of Christmas Day fun was making our job that much harder.

Tongue in cheek of course...Merry Christmas to everyone from the PPP team.

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