Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gender and the Colorado Vacancy

While gender has become an issue in the Colorado Senate vacancy process, it's interesting to note that when we did our survey of who voters in the state thought should be appointed a couple weeks ago even female voters didn't show a high level of support for a female candidate. 8% of all voters preferred Diana Degette and 2% of all voters wanted Cary Kennedy. Among female voters those numbers were just slightly higher, with 9% wanting Degette and 3% for Kennedy. Female voters had pretty much the same preferences as the general population- 22% for John Hickenlooper, 16% for John Salazar, and 11% for Andrew Romanoff.

Polly Baca, Joan Fitz-Gerald, and Swanee Hunt weren't being mentioned as prominently at the time we conducted our poll so we didn't include them.

The results of our survey from a few weeks back are here if you didn't see them the first time.

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