Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why Moderates Win in North Carolina: Other Observations

This is part of PPP's new report on why moderates win in North Carolina. You can read the whole thing here.
-75% of liberals are Democrats, 17% are Republicans, and 8% are independents.

-55% of moderates are Democrats, 32% are Republicans, and 13% are independents. The fact that a majority of moderates in the state identify with the Democratic Party speaks to the difficulty Republicans have with casting a broad enough net to reclaim control of state government and, in this most recent election, even to win federal races in the state.

-61% of conservatives are Republicans, 30% are Democrats, and 9% are independents. This again speaks to the difficulty of North Carolina Republicans in assembling a broad enough coalition to consistently win statewide races- the percentage of conservatives, who should be the GOP base, that are Democrats is almost equal to the proportion of moderates who are Republicans.

-There are major differences in ideological identification between women and men. 44% of women are moderates, same as the population as a whole. But there are more women- 30% -who call themselves liberals than there are conservatives- 26%. Among men the numbers of moderates and conservatives is almost equal- 42% for the former and 40% for the latter. Only 17% of men identify as liberals.

-White voters are evenly split between the two political parties, with 44% identifying as Democrats and 44% as Republicans.

-82% of African Americans are Democrats compared to 9% who are Republicans, and 9% who are independents.

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