Monday, December 8, 2008

Moore Pt. 2

I heard over the weekend that if Richard Moore does indeed decide to run for the US Senate, he'll make the announcement sooner than later to try to ward off other opponents. He may be able to scare some folks off with success in early fundraising, but it still seems unlikely he'd be able to avoid a tough primary fight after losing this year.

Useless trivia: there's at least one former State Treasurer and Democratic primary for Governor losing person serving in the US Senate right now- Bob Casey of Pennsylvania. And he and Moore share a campaign manager in Jay Reiff.

All that said, I still think taking a few years off and running for Congress may be Moore's best shot at continued political relevance, and he could use that as a launching point for a Senate or Governor bid further down the line after he's repaired some of the damage that his overly negative campaign in the last few weeks of the Gubernatorial primary did to his reputation.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Any chance you might run some NC Senate polls soon? I'd expecially like to see how Cooper stacks up against Burr right now.

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