Thursday, December 11, 2008

More powerful than I ever imagined

I like to read what the right wing blogs say about our polls and was amused beyond belief by what this commenter at the Free Republic said about our survey yesterday showing Roy Cooper leading Richard Burr by five points in a possible contest:
"I live in NC and let me talk about the pollster Tom Jensen. He is one among the reasons, McCain lost North Carolina. Till last 4 weeks, McCain was ahead by 3 to 5 points. This guy consistently released polls on the presidential elections and everytime he appeared on the big triangle radio market to brag about the closeness of the race. Also, it looks like, he was responsible for making Obama campaign move the resources from Georgia to North carolina. In addition to it, he collaborated with Democratic national committee to spend million on thrashing Dole. She did not respond quickly and it is another story.

Now, Tom jensen is setting the stage for the next election. He is trying to influence the election by encouraging the Democratic National Committee to again spend millions to win this senate race."

Little old me, personally responsible for the demise of Elizabeth Dole and Barack Obama's win in the state. Who knew? Certainly news to me!


Anonymous said...

So Tom, how does it feel to have single-handidly cause:

1. The defeat of Elizabeth Dole
2. Obama's victory
3. Bev Perdue's victory
4. The sun rising in the east

It must feel good ;)

Anonymous said...

Does this mean I have to genuflect whenever you visit BlueNC?

Full Infinity Flame said...

I read that thread and I feel like I need brain bleach now.

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