Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Texas Update

Texas was the overwhelming winner in our vote on where we should do a poll this weekend, capturing 63% of the 549 votes cast. Thanks to our friends at Swing State Project for helping to generate many of the votes. I'm sure we'll do those Connecticut and Delaware polls sometime in the next couple months as well.

A couple wrinkles on the Texas poll from the suggestions in the comments: we'll do a favorability for Tom Schieffer and match him up with Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison. Also, we're going to add announced Republican candidate Florence Shapiro to the Senate part of the poll to get a general idea of what Bill White and John Sharp's chances would be if the Republicans don't end up nominating one of their heavy hitters. I know there are a number of other GOP candidates who have made their intentions to run public as well, but we don't want to make the poll too long and at this point we're more interested in the big picture than what the numbers are for every possible permutation of the contest.


Anonymous said...

Of course CT lost. No Democrat wants to admit that Dodd is at risk of losing his seat.

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest adding Chris Nelson to your poll. He is a very prominant candidate in the broad reaching state of Texas. He is running as an Independent candidate and I feel that his beliefs and positions will far outweigh his Independent status - especially among the growing sentiment against partisan politics.

Karl-Thomas Musselman said...

Chris Nelson isn't prominent. Heck, I had to google him to find out who he was and I cover candidates and elections. If you wanted to make it interesting, polling Kinky Friedman against the Republicans since he's looking to run in the Democratic primary this go round. Would be interesting to see what effect that has since he ran as an Indy last time (and I'm sure that including him, in addition to being interesting, would catch even more of the media's attention to write about the results!).

Anonymous said...

i would also add Sen. Van de Putte to the poll for Governor. There is talk that she may run.

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