Monday, February 16, 2009

Vote on where we poll

Ok, we're going to let you vote on what state we poll in this week. We'll leave it open for 48 hours. The choices:

Connecticut: Chris Dodd v. Rob Simmons to see if Dodd's unpopularity could actually make him vulnerable at the polls and Richard Blumenthal v. Rob Simmons to see if Democrats might be better off with a Dodd retirement.

Delaware: Mike Castle v. Beau Biden in a possible 2010 Senate contest, John Carney v. Mike Castle in a possible House challenge.

Texas: Kay Bailey Hutchison vs. Rick Perry in the GOP primary, Bill White and John Sharp v. David Dewhurst and Greg Abbott for Hutchison's seat.

You can vote at the top of the page.


Anonymous said...

If you do Dodd? You ought to test Shays against him too. As the Fix reports he is looking at the race too.

Tom Jensen said...

Will do. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Delaware is losing massively, so it looks like you won't be testing those races... which I find very unfortunate and I urge you to ask us about DE again in the future.

Not only does a Biden-Castle and Castle-Carney race look like definite possibilities (it looks like we'll have at least one of the two), but everyone in DE has heard about all three of these politicians - and that would make an early poll there very valuable (compared to the TX surveys which are sure to have lots and lots of undecided voters!)

DavidNYC said...

Tom, since it looks like you'll be doing a full sample for TX, how about testing Tom Schieffer vs. KBH and Rick Perry for Gov? I doubt he has much name rec (except for people mixing him up with his much more famous brother Bob), but at least he'd establish something of a Generic D baseline.

Anonymous said...

In addition to what David said it would be interesting to put in matchups for Kinky Friedman, he said he's seriously thinking about running as a Democrat this time and was a pretty big factor as an indy in 06. It would be very interesting to see how he'd fare as a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

If were adding candidates to the Texas field, the only Democrat with enough money to actually compete for Governor is Rick Noriega. He exceeded expectations against Cornyn in 2008, and may do better in a statewide race, expecially if the Republican loser declares as an independent (which is unlikely, but we said the same thing in 2006). Also, you should add Florence Shapiro to the list on the Senate Republican side. She has a pretty expansive exploratory committee already, and may get a lot of media attention this session by chairing the Senate Education committee.

Anonymous said...

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