Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baker and Hagan

The 2009 race for the Senate in Arkansas is shaping up very similarly to the 2007 race in North Carolina:

-Elizabeth Dole and Blanche Lincoln both seemed like they should be safe for reelection, but became vulnerable as the national climate turned against their parties.

-Their national parties both saw the opportunities opening there, but had a very hard time convincing any potential candidates with significant name recognition to enter the race.

-In both cases attempts were made to recruit a state senator into the race, who declined, and then ended up changing their minds and getting in when no other suitable candidate signed up to run.

So there are strong parallels in the pre-election year stories of these two contests- but it will be a long time until we find out if Gilbert Baker is the 2010 version of Kay Hagan. One thing's for sure- Blanche Lincoln's spent more time in Arkansas during her time in office than Dole had in North Carolina!

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