Thursday, September 10, 2009

Taking suggestions...

We have a blank hole in the state poll schedule next week so we'll take nominations on where to poll until Sunday, then let you vote on the finalists between Sunday and Wednesday.

Primary criteria as always:

1) We want to poll something there's little or no other polling on...the world doesn't need another poll showing Charlie Crist is the favorite for the open Florida Senate seat.

2) We're particularly interested in looking at races for Governor and Senator that might be more competitive than is the conventional wisdom.

Maybe I should add a third criterion that we want to poll something that might make Democrats happy...we've delivered enough bad news lately!

The last three states we polled based on your votes were Colorado, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

Fire away!


Anonymous said...

How about polling the North Dakota Senate seat to see test how well HOeven does against Dorgan?

It'd be interesting to see how low Obama is in the state now.

Anonymous said...

Poll CT-SEN. I think Dodd might be doing better since he is at the forefront of the health care debate. Also the ads that Sen. Kennedy did for him should give him a boost.

Doverspa said...

1) California GOV and SEN, primaries and general.

2) OH GOV and SEN seems very underpolled.

3) TX GOV and SEN, primaries and general.



andgarden said...

Pennsylvania has lots of '10 races that could use a fresh look.

Unknown said...

Poll OHIO. We haven't seen any in a few months. It will be interesting to see whether or not Strickland's numbers are any better off now since the budget mess is over.

My guess is not.

I do have a special request.. Consider polling Ohio's 6th District for Congress. Former Congressmen Jim Traficant (D) is out of jail and may consider running against blue dog Charlie Wilson instead of his old 17th District. Traficant, a noted conservative, may yank another Dem seat in 2010 as an Independent, all while voting with the GOP on most issues.

The race is: Wilson (D) vs Dr. Allen (R) vs Traficant (I).

Jimbo is on Greta tonight at 10pm, he may announce something tonight!

Unknown said...

Ohio Gov/Sen
CT Gov/Sen
ND Gov/Sen/House

Any would be good, I would like ND personally.

Jeff said...

I'd like to renominate Arizona again. It meets the criteria pretty well:

1) There has been leaked internal polling, but no public polling on the governor's race or senate race.

2) No one has polled McCain's favorables in ages. It will be good to see how Arizona is responding to his drift to the right.

3) The Gov race stands a good chance of flipping according to conventional wisdom. This is a good chance to check that: it is quite possible the Democrats can retake this seat.

Other bonuses: checking how Obama's rating in the state compares to the countries. Arizona, CV held, would have been a swing state in '08 if not for McCain: now's a good chance to see if Arizona likes Obama enough to possibly be close, or it looks more like West Virginia or Arkansas.

Anonymous said...

Ohio hasnt seen much polling recently so that would be good.
Connecticut sees some polling but its a very fluid race that can change quickly.

Either one of those would be great

Anonymous said...

North Dakota. The only polls for senate, Hoeven vs Dorgan, have been an early in the year poll and NRSC internal.

Unknown said...

GA-Sen: It'd be interesting to see some of the candidates that are doing poorly in the crowded Dem primary for Governor tested against Isakson. Maybe some of them might be convinced to switch races to a clear primary field in the Senate race.

MO-Sen doesn't seem to have been polled in a while
CA-Gov general with Whitman in it doesn't show up very often
DE-Sen could be timed well if Castle announces his plans this week like he said he would a month ago

I'll also echo calls for AZ and OH

Anonymous said...

CT-SEN and CT-Gov. I want to see how Simmons is doing against Dodd. Also, Rell might not run for reelection. Testing her or CT's Lieutenant Governor against what seems like a formidable Democratic field would provide info for a race that hasn't been polled much even though CT has a tight Senate race.

Anonymous said...

Two off-the-wall suggestions:

1. Idaho - Butch Otter is supposedly very unpopular nowadays. Might be interesting to see his approvals, if he can survive a primary, and if any potential Democrats could threaten him.

2. Maine - Tons of candidates are running for Governor here. Primary polling would be jumbled, but a few trial heats could shed light on the GOP's chances here.

Julian Stolz said...

Pennsylvania 15th Congressional District

Congressman Charlie Dent, a Moderate Republican, is going to have a primary challenger.

Un named as of yet.

I would test:

Charlie Dent vs. Someone else (Primary)

Charlie Dent vs. Bethlehem Mayor Jack Callahan (the D) with Independent Jake Towne

Sabato has Dent on his endangered list.

Loving the Traficant idea too though

Josh Goodman said...

I second Arizona. If I had to make a (uneducated) guess, I'd say that Gov. Jan Brewer is trailing in a primary against State Treasurer Dean Martin and in a general election against Attorney General Terry Goddard. I'd also like to know what Arizonans think about a sales tax increase (which is the controversy weighing on Brewer) and selling the state Capitol building.

Texas Iconoclast said...

I'll third the suggestion for Arizona.

Rasmus said...

I'd like to see Montana. No senate or gov races there, but Denny Rehberg is a supposedly safe house incumbent (At-Large), but the DK poll had his favorables at 46/45.

Anonymous said...

Please poll Indiana or North Dakota !

Anonymous said...

I'm all for polling the Arizona governor and Senate races.

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