Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Coming in New Jersey...

We're going into the field in New Jersey Thursday or Friday, here's some of what we have cooked up:

-We'll ask people who say they're going to vote for Chris Daggett who their second choice is. There are some factors here that could result in his really doing as well as he's polling right now but that doesn't change the fact that usually third party candidates don't do as well in November as they do in August and September.

-We're also going to test swap outs of Cory Booker and Frank Pallone for Jon Corzine. It seems exceptionally unlikely this would happen but the numbers would still be interesting.

Then we're going to test run some questions before our next national poll:

-Should the federal government be eliminated? What's your guess on support for that- I'm thinking around 25%.

-Should public education be eliminated? I'm thinking this might be a little less popular than getting rid of the federal government, but that's why we ask the questions!

-We're going to ask both a birther and truther question to figure out a) what percentage of the country is nuts and b) how much overlap there is.

If you have other suggestions for New Jersey we're open to them- probably need to get them in by Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

Ask about Glenn Beck's favorables/unfavorables.

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