Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coming Tomorrow

Tomorrow we'll have the first part of our national poll. Barack Obama's overall approval is basically unchanged from a month ago but voters are now basically split on his health care plan where a month ago they said they were opposed to it 52/40. The biggest movement has come among independents, who have shifted from -14 last month to +2 this month.

The poll also provides continuing confirmation that Obama isn't really losing the support of anyone who voted for him. His approval comes down at 93/5 with his 2008 voters. With it at 11/84 among McCain voters he's actually winning over slightly more people who didn't vote for him than he is losing ones who did.

We'll have his approval and health care numbers as well as our measurements of extremism in the American public tomorrow.

We'll also have Arizona Governor numbers. Democratic candidate Terry Goddard is more popular with Republicans than the incumbent GOP Governor Jan Brewer, whose approval within her own party is just 28%.

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Anonymous said...

1) Ask a question about the war in Afghanistan

2) You'll probably get a lot more buzz if you did the same thing with Arizona in Virginia

3) See if you can back up or repudiate Garin/Yang's hilarious cap and trade support.

Anonymous said...

Poll Glenn Beck's favorables/unfavorables in VA.

NBC/WSJ has him at 24/19 in its most recent poll.

I'd imagine he'd rate higher (in terms of net but not overall approval) than Obama in Virginia given the trends that you've shown.

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