Friday, September 18, 2009

Perdue's problems go beyond the economy

During her campaign last year, especially before the economy tanked, Bev Perdue talked repeatedly about how her goal as Governor would be to make North Carolina the 'healthiest and most well educated state in the country.'

Our most recent poll found voters don't think she's doing too well on that front.

49% of respondents expressed disapproval of Perdue's leadership on education to just 26% approving. And 50% say they don't like what she's done relating to health care with only 20% giving her good marks.

While issues relating to taxes and the budget have gotten most of the attention for Perdue's approval woes, it's a reminder that voters are unhappy with her even on some of her core issues.

Perdue's been gaining some visibility on these things in recent weeks, emphasizing the importance of flu shots and having events involving schoolchildren. If she can move beyond the photo ops to implementing specific initiatives that work toward her ultimate goal on these issues it will go a long way toward helping her with her base problem, namely that only 40% of Democrats approve of her job performance.

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