Monday, December 7, 2009

North Carolina Polling Suggestions

Time for our final monthly North Carolina poll of the year this weekend...any good question suggestions in addition to the basic stuff we do every month?

I am not going to:

-Test 2012 match ups against Bev Perdue


-Ask loaded questions that explicitly push a right wing (or left wing for that matter) policy agenda

But if you have good ideas that don't fall into one of those categories let's hear them! In addition to creative topline questions I'm also always interested in looking at different ways to break down the data demographically. We got some great information on a few polls last year that we crosstabbed by whether people were born in the state or not...ideas like that are much welcomed too.


Chris said...

No, you only ask the loaded left-wing policy questions for your paying clients.

Can't give those away for free.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell them from which polling company you are and ask them, who they think is more reliable, probably suggest names like PPP Rasmussen, Gallup, Zogby, Survey USA etc. I'm curious really for results countrywide, so maybe it fits in a countrywide poll but maybe here too b/c of crosstabs to see if like me a Repub who trusts PPP even if you're a dem, or it depends on which party you are... for example: Repubs: Rasmussen, Dems: Gallup etc.

Timothy said...

Ask if Tony Rand should resign his new post given to him by Mrs. Perdue until the allegations of him doing insider trading are true.

DavidNYC said...

How about asking if people have moved within the past two years?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if that's already included in the Basic Stuff but a Primary Poll between Marshall, Cunningham and Lewis would be welcomed.

And to be honest I can't quite believe Cal Cunningham has only 5 % of support in the Primary.

X Stryker said...

Crosstabs by Income level are always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Test the 2012 Race for President.

NC will be a swing state presumably then

Anonymous said...

Instead of saying "liberal", try asking whether someone is "progressive", moderate, or conserative in their political views. I'm curious in how that'd effect the results of how people view themselves politically since liberal has been demonized far more than progressive but both words really mean the same thing politically.

Anonymous said...

A Burr vs. Marshall poll would be good.

Anonymous said...

Do voters have more favorable opinions of Dole a year after they voted her out?

Anonymous said...

Burr vs Marshall

Could you poll Kissell and Schuler's district's?

Anonymous said...

Ask if the NC citizen voted in the recent municipal elections and if they voted in the 2008 general elections.

Then ask about who they think is more responsible for schools/roads/jobs - the local county folks, the people in Raleigh, the people in DC.

Crosstabs on who likely voters think is responsible for what would be very useful.

Anonymous said...

Ask them if the only national election when they voted was 2008.

Sam said...

That's an easy one for me. In the vein of Easley's Hank Hill questions, I want to know how NC gets its media

Possible questions -

Where are you most likely to get your News? (Out of local/cable networks and comedy central)

Of the major networks, which one do you watch the most? (ABC/NBC/FOX/CBS)

Do you read the newspaper?
(Local, Regional, National, etc.)

Do you listen to the radio?
(NPR/Top 40/Talk Radio/etc.)

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